Need Linguist or Translator for Danish Texts recording of approx 2000

  • Name:   Ritesh Soni
  • Accent:  
  • Language:   Danish
  • Gender:   Anyone
  • Age:   Years
  • Created On:   09-Feb-21 03:47 PM
  • Domain:   General

Project Details

We need Danish linguists or Translators with their good voice quality smart phone and Internet We will give login details, they can login and select location type and simply record the script given there. Note: This project does not require Voiceover artist, studio & any specific real-time background location for the recording. Recording Instruction: 2 second pause before starting the recording and 4 second after completing the recording. Volume: There are 2000 hours to record, We can offer you USD 10-12 per hour of recording. Please let us know incase if you find this suitable for you & you are available for this job on or can call 91 9000666742. Thanks and Regards, Ritesh