Getting Your Voice Ready for Online Voice Overs

Getting Your Voice Ready for Online Voice Overs

The global pandemic has accelerated the need for many industries to work and collaborate remotely. Voice over the Industry is in a unique position to meet this challenge because so many of the voice over artists and clients they employ have joined for some time with the help of creative services marketplaces like Voices. Technology even allows voice actors to do creative directing by attending live directing sessions, and voice acting has been used to refresh existing recordings and tell new stories when larger sales teams can't get together to shoot live video projects.

If you're on this page, you're probably asking yourself, “How do I become a voice over artist?” Because you're interested in how to be a voice actor. The decision to embark on this career path, however, requires careful consideration. As with any major job change or new business, you need to decide if this is right for you.

To help you understand what it takes to start a successful career and become a voice actor in 2021, we've created this comprehensive article to help you become a good voice over artist.

After all, being a voice actor is a unique career path that is sure to introduce you to new people, new thoughts, and knowledge in new fields that you never expected. This is the perfect career for endless learners.

Here are some steps you can take to increase your chances of a successful career with voice performance:

Take acting classes. Voice acting isn't just reading the words on a page - it requires acting skills. Acting classes can help you improve and hone your skills by becoming a more confident and trustworthy performer.

Hire a voice coach. Voice acting requires more than just using a funny voice or making an impression. A voice coach can help you improve your technical skills such as breathing, pronunciation, articulation, and delivery so that you can perform each line to the best of your ability.

Listen to the pros. Watch commercials, cartoons, or video games to learn how your favorite professional voice works. Listen to the decisions they make in their presentations and take notes on how they change their pitch and bow. You can also listen to voice podcasts for tips on how professional voice actors approach certain roles.

Record demonstration. Voice over demonstration-reel is similar to traditional actor roles, except that there is no accompanying visual imagery. The Voice Talent professional demo reel is basically a mix of different lines or dialogues performed in different voices. Most of the voice actors have separate demonstrations of their commercial skills and characters. You can upload this demo to an audition site or find a talent agency that will accept unsolicited questions and potentially accept you as a client.

Audition. Audition is an integral part of the voice acting process because that's how you get the job done. Only audition for roles that best suit your talents to avoid unnecessary rejection. Do an online search for open audition calls or find a specialized voice talent site where you can find and broadcast auditions. Read your pages, learn character details, practice good pronunciation, and avoid smoking or drinking acidic beverages before recording your audition.

Work. It's important to practice even when you're not in a professional recording studio. Many professional voice artists have in-house recording studios where they can add and improve their recording skills. Once you have the setup complete, practice reading your copy and listening to your recording. Practice will help you develop a professional-sounding voice that will appeal to both the director and the casting audience.

Network. You can use the network for job offers, make friends and learn more about different aspects of your voice acting career. Expanding your social network can increase the chances of opportunities coming from someone you know. Networking is a one-way street and it is important to support your connection in several ways. Whatever you need to bring with you, use it generously to show your contacts that you care about their success.

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