How to Become a Successful Voice Actor

How to Become a Successful Voice Actor

When you working towards being a successful voice over actor, you truly ought to embrace the challenges and effort it requires. Whether you lend your voice to a captivating animated character or narrate an engaging audiobook, you have the opportunity to earn a living while storytelling with your voice.

The majority of a Voice over service work is typically conducted in a professional recording studio, where you can expect to be generously compensated for relatively short periods of time.

However, despite its flexible, enjoyable, and lucrative nature, it's important not to underestimate the skill required for voice-over work. Here are the following tips which you will require to excel in your job.

1. Invest in Training

Just like any other form of acting, it is crucial to undergo training and enhance your skills. When it comes to voice acting, it is essential to train your voice to be clear, resonant, and adaptable.

In the realm of film, there is often leeway for whispering or mumbling on screen. Consequently, if your training has been primarily focused on screen acting, fully unlocking and harnessing the potential of your voice can be challenging. Engaging in theatre classes or participating in stage performances can aid in discovering the level of clarity and resonance required to excel as a voice actor.

2. Own the Performance

Essential aspects of voice acting training involve understanding and mastering your "instrument." As an actor, your instrument encompasses your body, with a particular focus on your voice.

To fully engage your entire being in a performance, it is important to acquire knowledge and skills related to breath control and diaphragmatic breathing. This technique involves breathing while actively engaging the diaphragm muscle. Additionally, gaining an understanding of the muscles responsible for producing sound is crucial in developing a comprehensive command over your instrument.

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3. Make an Investment in Voice-Over Recording Software

In the event that you have a voice agent and receive audition opportunities for voice projects, it is advantageous to familiarize yourself with the recording software you will be using. To gain an advantage, take the initiative to learn about the software and practice recording in your own time.

When preparing for an audition, it is crucial to thoroughly understand the process of polishing and curating the recording you submit. After all, if you go through numerous takes and manage to capture an excellent one, you want to be able to present a polished version that highlights your skills and capabilities.


4. Develop a Voice-Over Demo Reel

Similar to having a showreel for film acting, a voice-over demo reel holds significant importance. This reel serves as a tool for your agent to showcase your abilities to casting directors. While it is possible to create a do-it-yourself (DIY) voice reel, it is advisable to do so only if you are well-versed in recording software and confident in producing high-quality audio.

The demo reel should exhibit both creative excellence and technical proficiency. It should effectively demonstrate the range and versatility of your voice. It is crucial to ensure that the reel adheres to legal guidelines and does not incorporate copyrighted scripts or materials.

5. Cultivate a Diverse Array of Voices

If your aspiration is to pursue voice acting, particularly in the field of animation, it is vital to possess a broad range of voices. While learning through imitation can be a valuable starting point, it is essential to experiment and discover the distinctive voices that are uniquely your own. Ensure that you develop a substantial repertoire of characters, voices, or personalities from which you can draw upon in your performances.

6. Secure an Appropriate Voice-Over Agent and Commence Auditioning

After diligently training your voice and assembling your demo reel, if you feel prepared to embark on voice work auditions, it is worthwhile to consider obtaining a voice-over agent. Actors who are already affiliated with acting agencies can request a meeting with their agent to express their interest in pursuing voice work. It is possible that your agent represents actors for voice projects but has not previously considered you for such roles.

8. Embrace Diverse Voice Acting Opportunities

When aspiring to enter the field of voice acting, it's important to be open-minded and comfortable with the reality that not every job will be glamorous or exhilarating, especially in the early stages of your career. Voice-over work extends beyond high-profile and thrilling projects. It encompasses a wide range of opportunities, including commercials, video games, e-learning content, health and safety videos, and even meditation apps. Each of these avenues contributes to a sustainable income and plays a vital role in the industry.

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