Go Global With Your Voice

Go Global With Your Voice

Do you have an appealing voice? Do you have a voice-over skill in a foreign language? Then, your dream of using your skill at a global level is set to come true.

In recent years, there is a boom in global voice over content. There is a growing demand for audio books, video voice-overs, online ads, educational videos, etc. But, there is a shortfall of suitable voice over talents.

In India, the local artists have the skill and ability to become a part of the global voice over industry. The problem is, there are limited ways to find global jobs in India. And here lies the importance of the online platform Voice Over Grid that helps the local talents reach the global stage.

The Platform

Voice Over Grid is an online platform offering a plethora of voice over services. On the platform, the voice over artists can find numerous work opportunities from abroad. The projects are from diverse businesses in the world. The work you find here would be inspiring. Not only does the platform provides work opportunities, but it also makes searching the work and showcasing your talent hassle-free. One of the key things that a global client looks for is your voice over quality. On the Voice Over Grid platform, you can upload your voice samples of any number for the clients to listen to.

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Voice Casting

The platform, as part of its voice over services, also acts as a voice casting agency. It has a state-of-the-art voice recording studio that enables you to record high-quality voice content. It also acts as your manager, promoting you to the top clients based on your skills and performance.

Privacy and Security

As these are the days of online bullying and harassment, the platform offers full protection to your data. Even when potential clients search through your audio files, your details are hidden from view. Only after the client shows interest in contacting you, your details like name and contact details will be revealed.

Project Management

Apart from the listing of job opportunities for voice artists, Voice Over Grid also handles voice over projects. It provides professional voice over support to clients. As an artist, you will get the opportunity to take part in these projects, giving you a much-needed exposure to global projects, understand the nature of such projects, and what is expected of you. You will only grow as an artist with such an experience.