How Important Is The Voice For Voice Over ?

How Important Is The Voice For Voice Over ?

You might have heard that product sells itself; if this was true, then world of commercials would be boring. Showcasing only product without any music, voice over, information and no actors or actresses; how would it seem?

Today, commercials contain most of these things and this is because marketing and relationship built behind the product creates an impact in the market with commercials on television or online.

Impact of Commercial Voice Over

The most important thing in any commercial is the voice heard, the tone of the brand providing information about your product or service. The voice may sound like the guy next door depending on the target market or it can be an educated and informed professional or an expert on a subject.

The chosen commercial  voice over artist in india and script is done with careful planning by the company, ad agency, or director. The voice over actor is carefully selected to effectively reach the target audience. For instance voice over for a four-wheel truck is going to sound different from a luxury sedan.

There are many things that matters in a voice over such as tone, accent, rate of speech and more. Slower rate of speaking is often used to convey intimate, dramatic emotions. Faster, enthusiastic voices are associated selling to younger audience.

Voice over work involves properly matching tone, cadence and speech that makes it so interesting. Voice over actor; also add their unique touch and create a distinct and memorable voice for the brand leaving a lasting impression.

Considerations When Choosing a Voice Over

  • Kind of information: Different voice actors have different skills - some can transform into any role, while others have great voices ideal to present information effectively - but might not take on all personas.

  • Kind of voice your audience want to hear: Just like best voice over have different acting skills, they also possess different speaking styles. Some might be more casual, while others more exciting with specific accents. You can check t voice talent’s description or check the samples, demos, are invaluable tools while looking for the right talent.

  • Pace of your video: The tone of your video should be considered before finding the right voice. It should be like that the voice complement the content and not take away from it. If your video is fast-paced, a slower read won't sound right.

  • How your brand sound: Businesses do spend a lot of time considering how their brand looks but if you are going to use a voice over then you are going to give your brand a human voice that customers will connect with. Thus, search for a voice over talent that sounds like your target customer, he/she can be young and cheery, mature and convincing, or somewhere in between.

Guy/ Girl Next Door –Voiceover Talent

You might have heard the voice in movie trailer that has its place; sometimes it is a bit over-produced and overly-done.

Some sellers try to use every trick to convince the potential buyer to buy. But today as the information is freely available at the marketplace people don’t like to be sold to and make the decision themselves based on the information and facts.

People want to listen to something that is more relaxed and easy-going. And want to get explained in a same way a friend explains something to them.

This is called the guy/girl next door voice over, which seems very convincing and effective. These are those who sound natural and can explain things in a straightforward, easy, and relaxed manner.

This type of best voice over service has gained popularity a lot because of the reasons mentioned above—basically based around the idea that people like to get understand the information and don’t like to be sold to.

This type of voice over proves to be really effective because of the relaxed, straightforward style for the explainer videos and also can be used in corporate videos, e-learning, narrations and many more.

The complete length of the audio or video has also to be considered here. A movie trailer voice can go perfectly for a TV ad or radio spot; it cannot work well for longer audios and videos. This is because the movie trailer voice is intense and is designed to inspire and captivate the listener, and this intensity can be difficult to maintain for a content that lasts for more than a couple of minutes.

For longer videos and audios, a more relaxed guy/girl-next-door voice is probably going to be more effective. And there will be parts in any voiceover where pace of tone and modulation is going to be important. But most of the commercials can be recorded in a more relaxed, easy-going style.

When you are choosing a voice over for your videos or commercials, keep in mind the style of read that you want for your brand and the information you are presenting. You must also consider the preferences of your target audience and the tone of your final video. You can use multiple voices for longer scripts to keep everything interesting.