How to Make Effective E-Learning Videos

How to Make Effective E-Learning Videos

Elearning uses a variety of different content types such as PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, and online quizzes. One of the most important and popular forms of elearning continues to be the e-learning video. Voice over Bank has the necessary experience and professionalism to understand what works and what doesn't. In this article, we are going to give you the top tips for making compelling elearning videos.

Build the proper video foundation

To create an effective elearning video, you should first set the foundation. That means you are to write a good script and create a storyboard. The Voice-over bank lets you map out each scene's audio and video to ensure that they work in sync. When you outline the whole video on a storyboard, it helps you save time and make the production more accessible. 

Create a story

Children love stories because they are intriguing and memorable. Thus, the story is one of the ideal formats for learning. When telling your story through an elearning video, you might have to create different characters to carry out the action. The main purpose of using the traditional story arc formula is to retain the viewer's attention. You can divide the storyline into 3 parts: 

  • beginning of the story
  • Conflict
  • conflict resolution

Through an elearning video, you can present your product by breaking the story into something like this: 

  • introduce the product
  • introduce the common problem that you are going to solve
  • explain how the product will help you solve the problem

Select on optimum video length

60- 90 seconds is the optimal video length for quick explainer learning videos. You can also use extended key learning content, which could be 7 minutes long. According to research, the average time a student spends viewing the video for online classes is about 9 minutes or less. When you create video content at about the same time, you may find higher retention. 

Use visuals in your video

Voice over bank services tend to use visuals in explaining the elearning videos. Static images generally provide valuable video space that can be used to demonstrate how to use or do something.

Use Videos Strategically

When you create a longer video to cover an entire lesson on a specific topic, you can also use videos in several other ways throughout the e-learning experience. Voice-over banks use shorter videos to break up the text document and put their point across. Using a short video at the beginning of the lesson can grab the viewer's attention. During the middle of the video, you can demonstrate a specific task, and at the end, you can summarize the points made throughout the lesson.

When you combine a video with hands-on training exercises, you will find that users will actually attempt the same task in real life. 

Invest in Quality Audio

Quality audio refers to various types of things- the quality of recording which needs to be free of background noise. The Voice-over bank pays necessary attention to the voice-over artist to narrate the elearning video. Since e-learning requires careful listening by the viewers, you would want a pleasant, likable, and trustworthy voice.

It would be best if you tried to avoid any voices, too much breathing, or other distracting qualities that could possibly distract the users from learning.

Keep the above video tips in mind to create a compelling e-learning video. By using these tips, you can create a video that is engaging, intriguing, and highly affecting at meeting your goal. You can also hire voicebank services to create effective videos to achieve your target.