How to Promote Voice Over Services Online

How to Promote Voice Over Services Online

Voice over artists online should promote their personal brand to set them apart from the competition. Social media platforms have become a significant domain for promoting talent where industry insiders can see the talent to hire the voice over artist online for their project. You can use the industry news, network with others, find jobs and engage with others from the same community.

Your own personal social media account can help you land a job or work. Therefore, using all the available resources and promoting yourself is essential. With increasing social media presence, you can bring in new prospective clients and make more people from voice over industry aware of your talent and services. This will help you bring in more opportunities in your way.

Nevertheless, you don't want to squander your time working in front of your social media account homepage rather than honing your art. To create a polished personal brand, be thoughtful about how you spend your time and how to use channels to their full potential.

Determine Which Social Networks to Use

The main social media The main dia networks where you need to establish a presence for your voice over business are outlined below.


You can state your company's name, describe the voice-over services you provide, and include vital components of your personal branding, including images and other visuals, by creating a Facebook Business page for your voice-over business. A call to action that links viewers to your website or Voices profile can also be displayed. As a voice over artist online, your personal brand may really flourish on your page's timeline. Make sure you frequently post, offering fresh information about your career, as well as behind-the-scenes images, audio samples, videos, etc.


LinkedIn is the most popular and widely utilised social networking platform for business networking. You should completely complete your LinkedIn profile, highlighting your work history and finish projects. A link to your demonstrations ought to be present. Encourage former customers to post reviews of their experiences working with you on social media, similar to Facebook. These can be shown right away on your profile.


Twitter is increasingly used by customers in the voice over industry to find voice over artists online, journalists to find sources for stories, and actors to advertise new work or demos. Twitter can be a helpful medium for sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses into your voice acting business. Additionally, be sure to "follow" accounts relevant to you and your company.


The most popular video-sharing website on the Internet, YouTube, has more activity and content than all of its rivals. Users can help you advertise yourself on YouTube by liking, commenting, sharing, or embedding your video on their website. Additionally, they can add videos to playlists or their favourites. Voice over artists online can make their channel and upload voice acting samples with a little amount of supporting visuals. Alternately, you may publish vlogs in which you discuss your experiences working in the voice industry, demonstrate your vocal range, offer advice on how to ace your upcoming audition, etc.

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Not using Instagram, one of the most popular social media channels, would be a missed chance to grow your following. The site might be ideal for a professional voice actor to share snippets of voice recordings and behind-the-scenes work videos. Just remember to upload the video with sound included.

You can use any of the social media platforms that you can use to promote your voice overs services online.