How to truly assess a voice actor's performance

How to truly assess a voice actor's performance

Consider this; you have a big business where you are busy ramping up the efforts to launch a new product or deciding on new breakthrough ideas to promote the products or services. You have a brilliant new idea to launch your product, and your copywriter has come up with an awesome voice over script. So how do you decide which voice you want in your campaign? With several voice over services in India, how do you select the one voice that aligns with your brand?

Since now you must have been inundated with various voice over actors' auditions, Assessing the performance might seem simple enough, but it isn't. So here are some of the few things that you need to listen to as you go through your stack of audition proposals.

Communicating it well

This may come as a surprise, but usually, clients don't always know what they want before posting for their projects. So, what they get as a result is pretty shabby. If you do know exactly what you want from voice over services and you provide a comprehensive brief as part of your project, there are chances that the auditions now listed on your computer screen should fall within the parameters.

The whole process will make the decision-making approach easier, and you will be able to focus on each voiceover actor's nuanced interpretation of your script.


No matter what product or services you are selling, if there's a voiceover involved, you bring the art of storytelling to the audience. The voiceover actors' narrative should resonate with the target audience to ensure that they've responded positively.

The target audience usually expects voiceover actors to talk to them, not at them. This is an important distinction that you should note because this can make or break a fitting campaign. Furthermore, this is one of the important factors to assess a voice actor's performance. Great vocal performance lingers on the target audience's memory even after it's gone.

The Performance

Once you select a voiceover artist from voice over services, the probability is that you will continue with the same because the voice gets linked to your brand. Since it becomes your brand voice, therefore it will also be a reflection of the brand personality.

  • Tone : A low pitch voice gives a soothing experience, whereas a high pitch voice. That's the region of the audience quickly. Also, gender influences the pitch as well. So, after you have decided on the content and marketing material, decide whether you want a male or female high or low pitch voice on your promotions.
  • Volume, rhythm & speed : Voice over services has a broad range of voiceover artists that deliver clear, articulate, pace, and clarity in the language. However, suppose your audience does not get what the voiceover artist says then the message gets lost in the soundtrack or sound effects. Also, your script may lose the message or sound gibberish if the voiceover artist does not follow a good pace.

  • Technical aspect : When you give a project to voice overs services, you need to notice how well they have recorded their demos or auditions. Sometimes, the voice-over actors do a shoddy job of editing, such as cutting the initial attack of a subsequent word or interrupting the read's overall rhythm. This makes the speech lose its human element. Therefore, ensure the voice over artists gives a stellar performance.