One-Stop Solution For All The VO Artist Job seekers

One-Stop Solution For All The VO Artist Job seekers

Voice over is an exciting career. By lending your voice, you can make words on a paper come alive. With a credible voice and skillful narration, you can weave magic.

Abundant Opportunities

From a child aged five to an older person, anyone can become a voice-over artist (VO). Currently, the scope for job opportunities in the voice-over industry as a VO artist is immense.

Traditionally, TV commercials, radio, movies, and documentaries are the career paths for a VO artist. But, the digital media has brought immense opportunities in the form of Youtube videos, social media videos, e-learning videos, audiobooks, podcasts, and more for voice artists.

Businesses and marketers now consider voice over an essential component in the marketing process. Thus, the demand for talented voice artists is high in the country. Yet, not many VO artists can find jobs. Why? The answer lies in the way the Indian voice-over industry operates.

Fragmented Industry

The voice-over industry in India is fragmented. Since a few years, voice over agencies has dominated the industry. Located in metropolitan cities of the country, the agencies managed, promoted, and marketed voice over artists.

But, these agencies are not inclusive. Each agency operated in a specific niche or niches and some languages. They offered only a bouquet of services, leaving many VO artists running in search of the right agency to promote them.

In the industry, voice talents from small cities and towns are often sidelined.Newbies find it challenging to break the entry barriers in the industry. More than talent, luck used to play a significant role in getting a voice assignment. All these are now a thing of the past.

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One-Stop Destination

The VO job seekers can now meet all their needs at VoiceOverGrid, a one-stop destination for voice over services in India.

  • Job Search Made Easy Being an online platform, VoiceOverGrid is bridging the gaps in the industry. For job seekers, the platform offers tonnes of job opportunities from across the world. Sitting in the comforts of your home, you can find a voice assignment that perfectly matches your skill. On the platform, clients from diverse niches with diverse voice requirements post their projects. You can find projects from local to international languages.
  • Audition Made Simple While finding an assignment is one thing, auditioning for it is an entirely different thing. At VoiceOverGrid, auditioning is made simple. You can upload a pre-recorded voice sample for the client to analyze. Not one, but you can upload any number of recordings showcasing your voice skills.
  • Managing Your Talent Similar to a traditional voice agency, the platform acts as your agent. It manages your talent, promotes you to the right client, and ensures that you receive proper payment for your efforts. As such, VoiceOverGrid offers end-to-end voice over services in India, digitally. Are you a newbie trying to make a career as a voice-over artist or an experienced VO artist no matter what kind of job you are seeking, VoiceOverGrid has opportunities for everyone. Visit to know more about the best voice over services in India.