Seven Various Ways To Do Voice Over Studio In India

Seven Various Ways To Do Voice Over Studio In India

If the next generation of voice over actors have their way, every chartbuster recording they do will be produced in their home. During the pandemic, more and more home recording studios were set up as voice over studios in India. Modern recording studios are redefining voice-over studios and changing the recording landscape.

This process is definitely making it easier for struggling or new voice over actors to make their mark. These voice over actors can set up their voice over studio in India record from their home and services to any client globally.

When you set up a voice over studio at home, the first thing you have to keep in mind is the choice of your room. Since homes are not designed to keep the recording in mind, a professional recording studio design may require some work. You should choose the right room for your home studio. It should have the necessary space in the room to put your recording equipment. Apart from the room, here are the seven things you need to set up voice over studios in India.

A computer

Your personal computer will act as a central hub for all your recording processes. You can’t simply use a tablet or a smartphone as your main recording interface. To store all your files and edit the recording, you will need the full functionality of a computer.

A digital audio workstation

Most voice-over studios in India compromise a digital audio workstation or DAW. This is the software that powers your computer-based recording. There are multiple brands in the market that you can use to sync in with your computer. The software can help you produce the high-quality audio recording.

A digital audio interface

 For a good quality digital audio interface, you will ill also need a digital audio converter or DAC. These will help you to turn the analogue signals into digital files.


When you are building a home recording studio, you will have to invest in three types of microphones-condenser microphones, dynamic microphones and ribbon microphones. These microphones serve a very specific function and are used to produce good quality audio.

Microphone accessories

 Apart from using actual microphones, voice-over studios in India will also require reliable microphone stands, pop filters and balanced XLR cables to join the microphones with your recording source.


This is said to be one of the most essential yet underrated pieces of studio equipment. It is placed between the microphone and a digital audio converter. It is useful because it adds warmth and character to the recording. For recording vocals and instruments, most sound engineers require a preamp or preamplifier. Some microphones sound dead or dull unless they are used in combination with preamp, and then they come into life.

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 Studio monitors and headphones

Even with the best microphones and preamps, you cannot set up a good voice over studio in India if you don’t have good quality studio headphones and monitors. Without this equipment’s, you won’t be able to review the quality of your work.