How To Start Voice Acting Making Career Choice In 2021

How To Start Voice Acting Making Career Choice In 2021

Before starting with the article let’s take a pause and re wind your memories! Does anyone gave you compliment for your voice and that you do great mimicry of any celebrity or your surrounding people in very funny voice? If your answer is yes! You are at the right place to get good understanding about what voice over acting is all about.

Who is voice over actor?  What is voice acting? And how to make a career as a voice artist all these questions might arise in your mind. Here, we will discuss all about voice over acting in detail.

What is voice acting

It is the art of performing voice over to represent some character or provide information to the audience. The person performing the voice over is referred to as a voice over actor/actress.

Skills required to become a good voice actor

Acting:  A good voice actor should have the ability to absorb the character inside him/her and an understanding of dramatic technique. You can master these skills through training from your voice acting coach, he/she will help you to improve your voice and performance for any character that comes in mind from TV, animated films, video games.

Technical: You need to keep yourself updated with the latest technology, this doesn’t mean you need to be tech guru, just basic knowledge of home recording gears, audio interface, headphone, computer, audio files and online market places where you can search for online voice over jobs.

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Business knowledge: Voice actor should know how to sell their voice to prospective clients and to make them realize you have good experience and knowledge of voice over work and you are passionate about it. So, you need to create your profile online to get a freelance project.

Why take voice over as a career

As we all know that this global pandemic has persuaded many industries to work from home or remotely. It is also one of the major factors to take a freelance voice over acting job.

The voice over industry is growing from voice of google, to radio ads, corporate training, audiobooks each of this needs to be recorded by a voice over actor, as now we are growing in the digital era, there is an increased demand for voice over artists.


Being a voice over actor doesn’t bound you to work in one field only, you have multiple options like giving voice for animation movies characters which is very popular among youngsters. Audiobook voice over is used around the world by many companies and you get paid in $(dollar) for the few hour of skilled voice over.

Now-a-days, radio voices where different commercial and brands are promoted and this all requires a voice that could easily grab the attention of the listener so, their product marketing could be done in a very effective way. For this you will be paid in heavy cheques amount according to your voice demand in market.

Besides all this, there is a bundle of benefits that a voice over career offers you. You can work from anywhere and according to your schedule. You just need an active internet connection and a place with no sound to do your recording. Voice over career offers you a great deal of flexibility as you can easily maintain a balance between your work and personal life.

A career in the voice over industry offers great opportunities to make money. However, to get good projects and to become an efficient voice over actor, you should first focus on building your voice over skills.

Hope, this post answers all your queries related to building a career as a voice over artist. For any other questions, you can comment below in the comment section.