The Future This Industry Provides To The Voice Over Artists

The Future This Industry Provides To The Voice Over Artists

Form being an obscure industry, known to work mostly for TV commercials, the voice over industry has completely changed over the past few years. Thanks to numerous technological advancements and new marketing models, the scope of the voice-over industry widened. It is the most sought after industry.

The strength of the voice-over industry lies in its voice over artists. In this article, we shall discuss the industry's future, what it offers to the voice artists, and some concerns.

If you are planning to have a career in the voice-over industry, this article is for you. So, let’s begin.

What Does The Future Behold For The Industry?

Across sectors, voice-over has become an essential component for effective communication. Advancements in the content delivery mechanism are also making voice over a necessary element. Be it for advertising, entertainment, e-learning, etc.; enterprises are investing in voice over services .

The following are some trends determining the industry's course and providing a safe future for voice-over artists.

  • Online Video Content The consumption of online video content has been increasing steadily for a few years. According to App Annie, while an average user spends 3.7 hours a day on the internet, much of it is for watching videos. Visuals are perceived as more persuasive than text, as 95% of people who watch a video can recall the content. Thus, businesses are investing heavily in generating video content. Among internet users, the demand is high for entertainment videos, educational videos, and video ads. All these content types require a professional voice over services, giving a fillip to the voice-over industry.
  • Growth of All-Inclusive Providers Earlier, the industry was fragmented. Specific voice agencies catered to particular niches and promoted certain voice types. Clients faced problems in finding the right talents for various voice roles. Now, with the growth of all-inclusive service providers such as the VoiceOverGrid platform, clients can fulfill all their voice requirements from a single place. Platforms such as VoiceOverGrid are one-stop destinations for finding voice talents of all ages, voices, languages, and niches. Such platforms are also offering unique voice over services, which make the life of a client comfortable.
  • Demand for Localized Content Another reason for the exponential growth of the voice industry is the demand for localized content. As enterprises are eyeing global markets, to attract customers, they are using localization strategies. As the demand for localization increases, so is the demand for voice artists from different languages.
  • Growth of Audio Platforms New-age digital audio platforms like podcasts, audio ads, audiobooks, voice technology, etc., are pushing the demand for voice over artists, thus aiding the industry to grow.

While all is not rosy with the industry, there are some issues that a newbie voice over artist must know while operating in the industry.

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Some concerns

  • Artificial Intelligence AI is impacting every industry. Any advancement in AI with the ability to speak on its own will directly threaten the voice-over industry and thousands of artists who depend on it. But, that technological advancement is far away in the future.
  • Voiceover Rates With the prevalence of freelancing in the voice-over industry, thanks to technological advancements that made physical presence irrelevant, newbies voice talents quote low prices to undercut established artists. This is hurting the whole industry. Most of the time, new talents does that due to a lack of confidence in their voice and fear of not getting projects in the future. But, the reality is there is a huge demand for voice artists and new talents must desist from quoting low prices.
  • Lack of Training For many professional skills, there are formal institutes providing training. But, for voice artists, professional training is a distant dream. Most artists picked up the skill on their own, practiced hundreds of hours honing their skills, and made it to the top. The industry offers little training support.