Things That Are Important in Voice over Industry

Things That Are Important in Voice over Industry

When you are working for a voice over company India, then everything is done for you; you get expensive mics, booths, and also producers along with tech people who will help when things go wrong. Working as a voice over artist from your home is different than working in a studio and thus it requires some knowledge. Here are a few things that are important in voice over industry.

1- Spend more Money on your Booth

An expensive mic in a poor setting would sound pretty ordinary. Its price won’t matter if the room is poorly treated and would create a terrible audio. Consider studying the requirement for a booth and treat your space that can replicate most top booths. Once your booth is perfectly set then you can go for using an ordinary mic because the right booth is the key for great audio.

2- Choosing Mics

Mics should be used accordingly before selecting the perfect one for you. Such as Rode Podcaster USB mic can suit you but might not anyone else; an Apogee mic plus might not sound you professional then you can move to Rode NT1A or Sennheiser 416. It will take time to learn what is really required to get that perfect sound; so you must go on that journey to discover the best Mic for yourself.

3- Invest in Tuning of DAW

Search for a professional who can take your audio and create presets based on your mic, voice, and booth and then provide you with proper tuning of your setup. They would help you by providing you a top producer tune for your audio to make it just right. With professional sound you can replicate every single time.

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4- Decent Voice Casting Accounts

You would be working for different people at the same time and thus it becomes really important to know exactly for whom you have done the job and make sure they pay. You must invoice a job immediately once completed. It will notify the guy who has to pay you and it means you won’t forget. You can give thirty days to pay and then after that you can ask on phone for the payment.

5- Keep Every Audition for Reference

It happens that after auditioning for a job a client might come to you weeks later to do the job. And in that time you have auditioned and worked for various clients in diļ¬€erent styles and this client wants you to do a job same way you auditioned but now you can’t remember.