Tips for creating a strong and impactful Voice over grid voice actor profile 

Tips for creating a strong and impactful Voice over grid voice actor profile 

Are you a budding voice over artist who's looking for a place to start to boost his or her career? You want to have a great successful career in the form of voice acting, and this is a must-read article for you. Voice over grid is the best online platform for you that provides you with the opportunity to showcase your talent. 

Now, if you're wondering why voice over grade, then let us tell you that voice over grade is India's largest voice over the market place which offers services to an exclusive clientele and provides voice over related services in multiple dialects, languages and accents. 

The online platform has a vast network of professional voice over artists that have worked in the major field of the industry- from corporate giants to the media. 

However, to incite a client to click on your profile, you should have an impeccable voice over artist profile on the voice over grid.  

This is how you can do so: 

Signing Up: You should first login to voice over grid & up as a voice over artist. After you have filled in your details, an email will be sent to you to activate your artist account on the online platform. 

You should now log in with the same credential to start the process by creating an incredible profile on the voice over grid. With just a few clicks away, you can truly start and build your career. 

First, you have to fill up personal information where you have to introduce yourself, give basic details such as your name, profile picture etc. 

In the next step, you have to create your artist portfolio. The best voice over service the platform has sorted it out and made it simple for you so that you do not face any hassle. 

Voice Portfolio: In this section, you have to give details about your voice profile. It is very important that, as a voice artist, you fill-up the details carefully. Depending on your capabilities, you can choose more than one category in every subsection. 

Language: Here, you have to fill in the language in which you are comfortable recording. Suppose you are fluent in more than one language that you can choose from multiple dialects and accents of the language specified. 

Recording Set up: You can provide information such as which recording sets you have worked with- even if it is a basic home recording set, you can provide the necessary details. 

Voice Ages: Here, you have to fill in the details about the age modulation your voice can perform. For instance, if you can sound like a child or a teenager or give modulations to a full mature or older voice, then you can fill in the required details on the best voice over platform. 

Voice Styles: Here, you can specify the voice styles you are comfortable in. If you can turn your voice to different expressions like aggressive, animated, amusing or annoying etc. 

Categories you want to work: Here, you can provide your preferences where you would like to work. For instance, you can fill options to work in audiobooks, entertainment, audio voiceover books, corporate presentations etc. 

Role Preferences: Here, you can explain all roles you can handle as a voice over artist, like voicing a phone recording, an action star, voice character or announcer. 

Price, Delivery time & Availability: In the best voice over platform, you have to tell what will be the charges for your voice over recordings. Also, you have to mention the time taken for the delivery and for how long you want to sign a contract for a certain client. 

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