Tips to Create Engaging Voice Over For Videos

Tips to Create Engaging Voice Over For Videos

Audio is an important part of video creation. You can't have an impactful video without a good voice-over actor narrating or talking in it. Therefore, you should know how to create great sounding-voice overs that engage your audience and compel them to take some action.  

Your video might look great; it may have the best animation, graphics, right content, feels like a brand, and captures your message as you want. It may even relay the right emotions that you were looking for. But what about the actual audio? Is it serving your purpose?  

In this article, we are going to tell you how to make a good audio production. Though audio production doesn't come easy when you are not a professional, we can certainly try some of our tips to create engaging videos. 

 ‍Tips to Create a Best video with the help of voice over talent 

The perfect script 

A good script is required to send the right message to the audience. Even though you might have big letters with a clear message on the screen, if the script is a dud, you can't do anything much. The first step is to summarize the message on the screen and flash out the details in audio. Supposedly you are trying to impress a high-stake client, and therefore you might want to go the extra mile and personalize your script. You can include their brand name, product, industry, or country in the audio track instead of producing new visuals. 

The perfect voice 

If you're creating a video, the audio should capture the brand voice. The voice-over talent should resonate with your brand message. Therefore, it is important to select the right voice. First of all, look for the signs that your brand message is projecting- is it an upbeat or joyful video, do you require a male or female voice, young or mature, accent or not? The correct voice-over talent will be able to connect with the audience, therefore making it certain that the sound feels right for what you are trying to communicate. 

"Audio arc" to support your story arc 

Your viewers are only going to remember a few parts of your masterpiece. Hence, make sure that they remember the right ones. Please keep it simple while thinking about your audiotrack. You can start with an engaging and interesting introduction, create a story that aligns with the voice-over talent, and finish strong with an active sound that supports your call to action. 

The perfect sound design

Most of the time, this portion is the hardest to get right. Sometimes you have to introduce a background music track into your video. You will have to consider whether you want to attract a mature audience or young customers? Keeping in mind- the brand or the target audience, you have to support your narrative and the progression of your story arc, which should be well executed in the sound design. 

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The right audio production

Your video production could be ruined if the audio production does not match the quality of your video. You can take the help of voice-over services to make it more professional. Voice-over services also have talented voice-over actors that can bring your videos to life.  

To begin, simply alter the relationship between the voice and the rest of the audio so that it sounds acceptable compared to a professionally-produced video.  Then, in your audio editor, use some basic "mastering" settings to make it sound as big as possible without distorting it.