Voice Over Website for Casting Voice Talent

Voice Over Website for Casting Voice Talent

It can be difficult to find work in the voice-over industry. Hence, many people choose to freelance. Voice over artists looks for work wherever they can. It is easier than ever to find these jobs thanks to the internet. Many websites offer voice-over jobs. You can also upload demos to potential clients so they could hire you. These websites will help you locate people who are interested in your services, and may even be willing to hire.


Voices.com is the largest website to host many different voice-over samples for clients. A large number of aspiring singers and musicians can also use their platform. Clients would post jobs, receive auditions, and then be able choose the voice they desire. Because they post more than 5000 jobs per month, they are leaders in voice over. The website offers many opportunities for aspiring singer artists and is therefore #1.

There are some downsides to this website, however. This website might be a good fit for professionals. However, beginners may have trouble finding the right voice due to the high level of competition.


Next is www.voice123.com. Although it has a lot of North American accent jobs posted, there are also a few British accent jobs. It's well worth the subscription for Brits. It doesn't offer an escrow service, but it does put you in touch directly with the client and then you're all on your own.

It's not easy to invoice. To make more money, however, you will get all the contact information of the client. This is a good thing, but it can be risky. It is important to know that you should not deliver the completed work without a written agreement or payment.

This site is free to use and you can register. If your profile is complete, the website's algorithm will find you in the client search. It is important to keep your profile current and to provide as much information possible.


This is one of the most popular P2P freelance sites where clients can request jobs and post their job. This website is a great resource for voice acting beginners. If you do a good job, your client will leave a review. With enough reviews, you can grow your audience. You can even upload custom services and set your prices based on what you are best at. The website does come with a small commission, but it is definitely worth it.

VoicesUK & VoicesUS

According to the website, these websites are the smallest and most popular voice-over platforms. They could be searching for talent to expand their portfolio. They have an excellent rating with many positive 5-star reviews. They could offer many benefits that could expand your horizons.


Next up is bodalgo.com, which is based in Germany. Many film producers, mostly from the industrial sector, need to have their German-language productions translated into English. They could also request a British accent or, more likely, a neutral accent, which is a light North American accent.

You don't need to open an escrow account, so you can establish a direct relationship with the client once you have been hired. This site can offer a wide range of roles, as well as outstanding value projects.

You must take the website seriously, even though it is free. It is important to note that they require voice talent to have formal voice training. You can create a profile for free and be easily searchable by clients.

The website design meant that clients post the auditions and only premium-paying talents can participate. This is similar to voice123.com, but it's primarily for European clients. Although the number of auditions on Voices123.com is lower than that on Voices.com, it's worth setting up a complete account to receive free exposure and possibly some clients.

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Casting Call Club

Castingcall.club, a website for voice-over talent, is free. You can also choose to pay a membership. Castingcall.club has a different business model than the big pay-2-play sites so we didn't include them. This website is free to use and includes profile page with a demo reel. It can also be search engine optimized which will help you get more exposure. Their membership is less expensive than other sites. It is worth to use their platform at least for free for a start, and then move on as you build trust.