What Is Voice Over And Where It Is Used?

What Is Voice Over And Where It Is Used?

It is also known as (off-camera or off-stage commentary) is a production technique, where a voice that is not the part of narration (non-diegetic ) is used in T.V, radio, film making, theatre, business, or corporates product videos and now for reading live for the event such as award shows or presentation.

It is done by the voice-over artist who can be male/female of any ethnicity, religion, or country. But for delivery of quality work with timely delivery, you need best voice over artist among the many available in the marketplace.

Uses Of Voice Over

1. In Narration: Now a day many of us often seen listening to some stories on the phone this is audiobooks which are done by the voice-over artist similarly in documentaries or some kind of explanatory or educational video, for company business video or in the medical video, all need voice artist to narrate it in their required way to target the audience or customer.

2. In Announcement: Many times we heard some introduction line in live T.V shows or radio broadcasts of some shows, promotional videos, and sports events that keep the interest of the audience bind to the events happening. Here voice-over plays a major part.

3. In Podcast: Now with the innovation of so many software have been developed so many applications to be available in a normal smartphone, with this comes to the podcast listening into trends, so the company needs a voice that can hold the listener. So it's only the game of voice-over artist to play its role correctly.

4. In Phone message and IVR: Now new trends of getting the information to reach every section is voice message; most of the telecom company have placed the recorded message which is played every time you make the call to anybody so instead of sending text message they do ads by this recorded voice-over message. At the time of call on hold also have a voice that can keep the listener on hold to listen to their message. So for this best voice over artist were hired who promote the product of the company.

5. In Animation and Video games: Many cartoon and superhero have a voice now, which help them to get attached to the kids. As now people need a natural voice like a normal person who can talk even in the battleground section of few video games, which makes gamer more attached to the games they played.

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6. In Films: With voice overcoming into the entertainment industry many of the film actors have increased their fan following. As earlier apart from native speaker people avoid watching movies of other languages, but now movies with multilingual release have to change the trend, now be it a foreign language or multi-language of our own country. Every work needs best voice over artist.