What You Need To Look For Before Hiring A Voice Over Talent’s

What You Need To Look For Before Hiring A Voice Over Talent’s

Looking to get casted as voice over talent? If you are searching for a credible voice over talent website, how do you know that the website is reliable and will get the job done? Yes, the first impression to know a voice casting agency is through their website!

A professional and aesthetic-looking website will not reveal to you that the voice over talent is credible. There are certainly other elements that you need to look for.

Here are the topmost features you ought to look at in a website for the best voice over talent.

Clear communication 

When you visit a website, the message or the objective of the site should be boldly put across the home page. Just by looking at the website, you should be quickly able to find what type of work the talent does, the experience of the talent, and whether their voice will align to your project.

The website should also stately present that the individual is, in fact, the best voice over. Again, it’s hard to believe, but there are some sites where if you land up, you will not be able to find what type of job does the individual does.

About Us Section 

Though the homepage section of the voice over talent can provide you with the information of the artist, a comprehensive about us section will reveal everything that you want to know more about the talent.

A detailed bio of the best voice over will provide a larger picture of the talent’s background, experience, training, past and current clients and other necessary information which could reveal whether it’s a good fit for you or not.

Also, there may be other information such as location, hobbies, passions, family life which could help establish a good working relationship with the best voice over.


Testimonials are a powerful statement that reveals if the voice over talent can really deliver. These statements basically act as the client’s reference for the talent. They are the unbiased opinion of the clients, which actually go a long way in developing trust between the client and the talent.

A single statement from the client is much more significant than the best voice over talent information about themselves.

Audio Samples 

A voice over talent work is actually a crucial part of getting them selected. The talent should be able to provide you quick demos as well as a portfolio recording of their work. Demos are a good way to know about the potential of the voice over artist because they can be edited to perfection at a later stage.

However, a recording sample from the talent’s actual projects can reveal what the voice over talent can achieve with the benefit of editing. Therefore, you should consider both types of samples while taking the best voice over into consideration.

Professional Website Design

Nobody likes an outdated website design! It makes the individual seems casual or insincere about their website. If the voice over talent website appears neglected, outdated or doesn’t have a responsive website design, then it shows that it may be someone who is not at the top of the game.

Can you take a chance with someone whose website is not responsive enough? It shows that the voice over talent equipment or tech skills required for editing and recording may be too outdated.

Fast Loading Speed

Nowadays, no one wants to wait till eternity for your website to open. A slow-opening website clouds the judgement of the best voice over even before they get the chance to introduce themselves or you listen to their voice.

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 Since a voice over website will contain multiple audio samples of the voice over talent, it could happen that it would result in slow loading speed of the websites. Or, if the website is running on an inferior hosted platform, then the website may run slow.

The best voice over will invest in the good hosting platform or use high-tech savvy recording equipment to get the highest visitors.

The above points perfectly highlight what the best voice over website should include. A good, responsive website makes the hiring decision a lot easier. When selecting a voice over talent, you can eliminate fishy-looking, outdated and unprofessional websites-leaving you with the best crème de la voice over talent that delivers a top-notch performance as their website.