Why Female Voice Over Bank Is A Hit More Than A Male Voice Over?

Why Female Voice Over Bank Is A Hit More Than A Male Voice Over?

There is always the question of hiring a female voice over or a male voice over. The voice over studio in India usually gets similar requests for a female or male voice over talent from brands and businesses. So, how does one decide whether they need a female voice over or a female voice over?

Despite the several debates over the years, there are various factors involved in picking the right voiceover. The voice over bank has revealed some of the various reasons why people tend to trust female voices over male voices.

1. Pitch and Inflection

Female voices are considered to be most trustworthy for two primary reasons.

  • Listeners responded more confidently to the female voice's higher tone than the male voice's lower pitch. The majority of people opted for one particularly low-pitched male voice to be the least reliable.
  • Female voices that dipped towards the end of a word or sentence conveyed a level of certainty and led listeners to trust them naturally.

2. Clearer and Soothing Voice

According to a study, the auditory part of the brain, which also processes music, processes female voices. Male voices are not considered to be as calming as female sounds. Individuals who hear soothing voices may feel more at ease, and at ease, people are more likely to trust them. The voice over studio in India understands that the female voice is clear and melodic. Male and female voices are processed differently by the brain, contributing to how trustworthy they are.

The scientific truth that women's voices are naturally more melodic may be the cause of this beauty of female vocals. Female voice-overs can be as relaxing and alluring as melodic music can be.

A female narrator's appeal can draw more viewers to your business video and broaden its audience. Your brand message will be heard by the intended audience when you successfully grab viewers' attention using video content.

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3. Female Voice are Heard as Helpful

While not typical video material, female voiceovers are utilized in automated telecommunication voice overs for commercial purposes such as on-hold calls, IVRS and other answering services, and service/product announcements. This may be due to the calming effect a female voiceover can have on waiting clients. The voice over bank uses voice assistants like Cortana, Alexa, and Siri for female voices.

When instructing viewers on how to complete a task effectively or solve an issue, a female voice remains softer and more calming tones are more beneficial. People like using technology to make their lives easier, but they also want to feel like they have some influence over the process. Female voices frequently achieve this, giving the user the impression that the technology is aiding in problem-solving.

4. Females Are Looked at as Trustworthy

Some individuals believe a female voice more, given their tendency to trust females in general. Research shows that women CEOs are more likely than men to be trusted and followed. People's willingness to believe in a female voice may also be influenced by the higher-scoring leadership areas. Additionally, they are more likely to purchase from someone they trust and put greater faith in female salespeople than their male counterparts. Hence, some voice over studio in India utilizes female voice over for their clients.

But all of this obviously does not imply that a female voice actor is a right choice for your particular message, business, or project. However, it does mean that you must take into account four intriguing facts while deciding between a male and female voice.

Whether you are deciding on picking a female voiceover or a male, give these facts some consideration before deciding on the gender to choose for your project.