How Do I Get More Voice Acting Jobs?

How Do I Get More Voice Acting Jobs?

Getting into voice over business is now easier, but it takes voice over work. Every voice actor knows that getting work online takes time. For getting voice over work doesn’t means auditioning for every voice acting job, but instead it requires serious effort that is invested into searching out the right jobs for your voice.

Because of COVID-19 pandemic there is a huge demand for voice over artist online who can work remotely as in-studio recording sessions has been paused and movie shoots are shut down. Having a home studio setup and a talent profile, you can audition, record voice, and complete voice over jobs from anywhere.

Here we are going to share some tips and tricks to effectively find voice over auditions and jobs online.

Freelance Voice over Work

The freelance lifestyle is an ideal. As being a freelancer provide an amount of freedom and flexibility that others yearn for. Although, most of the times, those who work gigs spend far more time looking for employment than traditional employees.

Working as a freelancer is similar to running a small business. Like any other business, it takes talent, time, dedication, ingenuity, and passion.

Steps to Getting a Voice over Job

1- Take a Voice Acting Class: Before buying studio equipment, get some training. While exploring voice acting as a potential career, take a class or two, or enroll in voice over coaching to decide whether voice acting is the right business for you.

2- Practice Reading Out Loud: Read out loud, so that you can hear your voice, and play with the interpretation. Practice your reading on a regular basis.

3- Build Your Resume: Do apprentice under an established voice actor, or do voice over for charities, not-for-profits, or student projects. By this you will be building your voice over portfolio.

4- Build Your Network: Coaching and training are a great place to start, but look for local Meetups, conferences, and online communities. By this you’ll become part of a powerful referral network. A fellow voice actor when aren’t well-suited for a job, they can recommend other vocal talent in their network.

5- Practice Proper Breathing: Breathe properly; this means control your breath and shape it to create flowing phrases and energetic performances. Breathing deeply, breath support and proper placement can work miracles.

6- Produce a Voice over Demo: Make a voice over demo, but consider the possibility of having a demo professionally produced for you as it can be your ticket to success, and serves as the first impression of your voice.

7- Create a Talent Profile: For voice over work, you must have a web presence and a source of auditions. Market your talent on a global scale with online platforms and get access to vast job board full opportunities.

8- Follow Up and Be Persistent: Make sure to follow up with the prospects with which you have submitted your demos or marketing materials. You might not receive a response from every person but that shouldn’t deter you from marketing your services.

Be Selective While Auditioning for Voice Over Jobs Online

Wherever you have been in the voice acting business when you are searching for voice over work online, it is good to know where to look and what to look for.

Ro Know More About Voice Over Grid 

For example, while reviewing a voice over job posting, you will see a variety of criteria, including vocal requirements, artistic direction, and more. Determine whether this is the right job for you or not.  

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Types of Online Voice Over Jobs

Globally voice over artist online is vaster than you may think. You might be familiar with voice acting for video games, radio spots, advertisements, but there are a number of various other industries too that are now ramping up more for the use of voice over, especially this is because of adapting to increasingly digital media landscape.

There has never been more voice over job opportunities for voice over artists who work from home. According to a recent findings from 2021 Trends Report, internet videos, eLearning, and animation voice over jobs has gained a lot of momentum over the past year. In fact, internet video jobs have been increased by almost 200% year-over-year in 2020.