Industries Are Looking For Voice-Over Artists

Industries Are Looking For Voice-Over Artists

We all have heard the voice announcements in railways, the voice in animation films; have you ever wondered who all does the voice over for them? Most people want their kids to be doctors, engineers, pilots, teachers and whatnot. Ever thought that voice-over acting also is a career for you. Different industries are looking for voice-over artists that could cater to their needs and requirements.

With the growth of digital media and entertainment, the voice-over industry is looking at tremendous growth. Industry verticals such as entertainment, corporate, e-learning, advertising, animation, training, marketing, radio, education, have opened up massive jobs and career prospects for voice-over artists.

Also, technological advancements have also paved the way for voice-over artists in videogames, text to speech, apps, GPS, internet publishing besides the conventional streams.

Here are the top 5 industries that are expanding and a source of career for voice-over artists.

1.Technology Firm

Alexa, Google GPS girl, and Siri's voice are the most popular voices that you may have heard. Technology has opened tremendous opportunities for the voice-over artists to make their career in. Different gadgets, software and devices making firm are looking for voice-over artists that can lend their voice to their products. With new technologies of text to speech, technological firms have opened wide avenues of career for voice-over artists.

2. Animation Films

Indian has gained the fame of low-cost animation filmmaking country over the years. If you love animation movies, you already know what this niche expects from you. Voice actors who work for animated movies, tv, films are playing a character, and they have to act in front of a microphone rather than a camera. You need to have a wide range of voices to portray different emotions. In fact, voice-over acting is not just done by professionals, but also professionals from various fields such as homemaker, child specialists, journalists etc. are lending their voice to a character. This enables them to earn something extra at their own pace and time.

 3. Voice for Videogames

Voice acting for a video game is a very demanding job! There are different characters in video games, and they are presented as real people. Also, you may have to host voice for different characters. In addition, you will not receive the full script. You will receive only your lines, and hence you have to deliver lines after lines independently.

It requires the voice-over artists to think punchy, witty lines so that they are presented to the players between long periods of gameplay. Hence, each piece of dialogue you utter should be able to stand on its own.

To add complexity and based on the game involved, you have to portray different aspects of a character based on player choices. When you decide on any player or a character, you have to feel the voice that you are portraying.

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3. Advertisements

One of the most attractive niches in the voice-over industry is advertisements. Can you even think of Tv ads without voices? You may not have thought of it, but the voice in these advertisements persuade you to buy these products and make consumer buying decisions. It is the talent persuasive acting voice along with credible content that makes any campaigns successful. A good-voice artist with a passion for advertisements should find plenty of opportunities to make their mark in this space.

4. Corporate Presentations

There are various elements in business such as clients base, sales figures, geography, target and many other vital key factors which have to be presented to the board members or the client. To make a boring presentation interesting, many companies hire voice-over artists to enthral their audience with dynamic presentations. Companies, depending on their brand and need are looking for the perfect voice match to suit their requirement.

In recent times, companies hire voice over actors depending on their usage ranging from the sales pitch, training presentations, safety guidelines & safety drills, among others. The opportunities are massive, and hence, they give you ample of work according to your speciality.