Voice Over Requirements 5 Things You Need For This Job

Voice Over Requirements 5 Things You Need For This Job

After reading lots of article and blog from various site one must be thinking that exactly, what are the skills or requirement is actually needed to hire a voice over artist in today’s time? When the markets are fully saturated with the voice over actors. So here we have focused on few of the important points one should look for this job.

1. Clarity and loudness (Reading): Experienced and skilled voice over actors will have loud and clear voice when reading or recording, each word should be pronounced and heard clearly. So, to Hire voice over artist one should check that they should not mumble or swallow the words, they should have loud and clear diction. If you lack this skill still you can build up this skill with practicing loud reading of books, newspaper, article, magazine and record their voice in which one can hear their voice clearly and can improved their clarity wherever needed.

2. Acting abilities (Absorption of character): One must be thinking why acting is needed for this voice over job? Yes! If you want to Hire voice over artist with flexible voice talent this requirement also plays important role during animation or cartoon video recording. Voice over artist can imitate the voice of famous celebrity, or any new character this will improve voice over actor demo reel. So, gradually if the artist is imitating the voice of famous celebrity or any new character, they not only improve their voice, will also able to absorb their character. As some of the client expect this skills from the voice over artist especially during audition. Expertise with top notch talent can portray a characters, in any given situation not just providing normal recording process.

3.  Demo reel (Portfolio): Consider this as one of the most important requirements to Hire voice over artist. As this demo reel is the way how any voice over artist can showcase their talent and the work they are capable of. One can record their own reel or get it done professionally which they can submit with the resume. Typical demo reel last about two minutes but an artist should try to make their impression in first 30 sec only. Try to create a new reel that is somewhat aligned with the jobs one is applying for. For example if you are applying for serious character voice recording, director won’t have interest in your cartoon character impression. So demo reel is basically your introduction of work to the client.

4.  Recording studio specs: Professional voice over actor have sound-proof recording studio, high quality microphone, professional grade software and latest technology computer for recording and editing voice. So, if you Hire voice over artist look for recording studio pictures and knowledge about recording equipment, and if they have no clues about the set think twice before hiring. At the same time do looks for room full of fancy, expensive equipment in studio doesn’t give guarantees of experienced voice over artist. So, ask artist to send sample video of recording from their recording studio just for your confirmation.

5.  Client List: An experienced and skilled voice over artist who had been in the field of voice recording will have good client list. Ask for their last clients where their voice over work for radio, audio book, or commercials, T.V shows can be checked, any website link to find their voice over work for reputed firm. So to Hire Voice over artist for long term work client list play important role as,” Quality is just as important as quantity when it comes for client base.”

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Hire the experienced with skills not just experienced

Voice over job is not just lip and sound work, it is truly an art which is performed by the skilled voice over actor to make good amount of money by using their voice, along with all the requirements given above, especially in the market which is now getting saturated. So, if you have all the above requirements, go and get yourself heard.