Voice Over Translation Benefits

 Voice Over Translation Benefits

Now when the world has entered in to the digital era, video is the simple and major marketing tool for any company to get their work done with more creative content, like educational and training video to the customer, product demonstration, audiobooks, multi lingual T.V shows. Voice over translations service is a beneficial component, if one is focusing on native speaking languages. We have some good Voice over service in India, but before that one should understand the benefits of voice over translation.

Why it’s better than other translation medium

With voice over translation one can focus on the video completely and get involved or understand the purpose of video completely, unlikely in the subtitle translation where one has to focus on the titles as what it shows to understand the message or purpose of the video. Doing this might make the viewers to miss the background detailing, and other important details of the video. This drawback is encountered especially in e-learning modules, where we focus on visual but since subtitle is their one cannot understand where to focus first, so, with voice over translation in listener language one can provide easily and understandable module to the listener, same goes with the audio books listening it’s waste of effort if one cannot make the listener get completely immersed in the book with their voice over translation.

Similarly, if one has to expand their reach in the global platform their multimedia content and language have to be easy to understand and it has to be in native language of that area. if video have multiple speaker in one video it is difficult to make audience understand who is speaking what with the subtitle, and many language are written in long transcript unlike English, so it’s another major task to transcript and subtitle written in the video which again make difficult for audience to understand the message of the video, in this scenario having done it in voice over translation give them chance to catch the audience easily.

Style of voice over translation

Before starting the voice over service in India one need to look for the format of the video as well as the target audience. So here are four voice over techniques with which one can select what is actually required.

1. Voice replacement: In this original speaker sound is muted with the native speaker replacing it .Difficulty in this technique is matching the original voice and emphasizing the point.

2. UN –style: This need original speaker voice need to be heard with audience native language ,so in this translation original voice is not replaced simply spoken over audience can hear original voice for few second before the new voice translation is heard.

3. Off- screen: This is used in e-learning platform where voice over is heard off screen and the user follow on screen text and video.

4. Lip synching/Dubbing: It is recognizable service in foreign films. It not only requires blending the new voice with the original voice audio in all the video but also need talent to match the language to the lips of original speaker in motion.

Added Benefits

Regardless of any style used, translated materials always align with the original video content. When voice over is done in studio setting, translation team has access to professional sound equipment. Post production they do cleaning of audio file, normalize the loudness and compressing the dynamic range. The differences of loudest and softest sounds are adjusted and sound quality of the finished product is unparalleled. Additionally, the voice over artist and director can partner together to ensure that the voice align with the tone and pitch of the original content. So, this is the reason that professional sound –quality and style of the translation place voice over translation ahead of other mediums.

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Whatever material you translate whether it’s for customer or employees or planning for the globalizing the content voice over translation is worth. Your work is incomplete, if audio doesn’t match the targeted audience, especially without native speaker. So with Voice over service in India one can enhance their career choice in 2021.

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