Key Factors To Consider When Hiring Voice Over Talent

Key Factors To Consider When Hiring Voice Over Talent

If you are confused and exhausted after searching lots of voice over talent actors, and still in dilemma whom should you finalize for your project success, you are in the right place! Here we give you some factors that you should consider when hiring Voice Over Talent.

  1. Professional Experience: This is one the major factors which one need to consider, while hiring Voice Over Talent actors. As more the experience the much-polished skills and professionalism could be seen in the artist and so will be the delivery of the final product. If the voice over talent is working in the field for over 10 years, it’s a definite sign that they know what are the requirements of the client usually in one meeting only, so on time product with good recording could be delivered.

  2. Versatility and Range: These can be checked on spot by listening to the demos and sample recording that the Voice –Over Talent actors had done for other clients in the past, this will make hiring easier and you can decide if  actor’s range suit  the needs of your project or else you can go listening to other recording of audiobooks, promotions, commercials.

  3. Timely delivery service: Along with good and consistent working, timely delivery of work is also an important factor in the Voice-Over Talent actor. This can be checked from the testimonials and reviews, which is usually given by the previous client and is present on the artist’s website. With this glimpse of voice over talent can be understood what deadlines for work will be there. And if you want to hire same artist for your other project too it will be easier to hire them. Because missing the deadline of work means eroding the trust of clients and loosing work.

  4. Availability: This is a crucial factor to consider if you are looking someone for ongoing project. So, look for full-time Voice –Over Talent, who will be consistently available and will be committed to service which will need multiple recording sessions over months or years. As for part time voice over artist, you need to check their availability from other works and are more likely to face challenge of giving on time delivery of work. So, full-time working voice over actor will be do complete justice to clients’ voice over project. 

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  5. Pricing structure (Rates): Money is not always an important factor for hiring any Voice-Over Talent actor, but this can certainly give you clues about their skills and experience in the market. An experienced voice over talent artist understand the market rates before taking the project keeping the factors like broadcast versus non-broadcast, usage period, number of sessions, time of project and other factors that come in to play. Beware of the artist whose rates are inconceivably low, as this could be the signal that the person is attempting to undercut the competition and want the project on price alone. Talented voice over actors’ rates may be too high for one budget, but you can always try to negotiate for the project and they can set rate that is fair for their time and talent other you can check if it’s affordable to you.

  6. Recording studio specs: As it is said skilled are developed slowly with years of experience, similarly and experienced and talented voice –over talent actor often post their home studio setup with recording equipment and specs on their profile or website, so this might give some idea about their work style, but fancy setup doesn’t means skilled voice over recording .


 These are the few but important factors which one should look before hiring voice over talent actors, but other factors should also need to be taken in to consideration like cross checking of details of works and experience of the actor, consistent working style, reliability, and clients’ feedback. Hope this article will now help you in choosing the right voice over talent for your client.

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