Voiceover Acting And The Battle Of The Blowers

Voiceover Acting And The Battle Of The Blowers

Voice over artist jobs include working anywhere in the world. Therefore, a home studio will be a huge benefit to your career. But there is always great importance placed on the quietness of a recording studio. When you are working from home, it is natural that you may be facing a lot of interference in terms of noises such as blowers. The battle between the blowers and the recording equipment is generally true.  

While conducting voice over artist jobs, if you record valuable voice over audio but don't take steps to remove the background noises, your recordings will not be usable. Therefore, it is important to find an ideal recording environment that is relatively quiet.

Here are some valuable tips in which you can eliminate the background noises and create an authentic and credible voice over audio.  

Think about Your Equipment

When you want to create an authentic and high-quality voice over audio, you should readily think about your equipment. For example, if you want to select a dynamic microphone, there is limited equipment in the range of sounds they pick up. This means that many of the high-quality microphones can help you cut out annoying sequels or deep pulsing sounds, or harsh sounds of the blower. You can also buy an acoustic screen which is a sort of shield that you can place in front of the microphone to block out the lower level background noise.

Ask Your Family Members to Keep a Serene Environment

To create high-quality audio, you also need the cooperation of your subjects. For example, ask your family not to use the blowers or lawnmowers at the hour when you are recording. After the voice over recording artist to avoid eating, drinking or chewing gum, the microphones easily pick up the sounds. You can also ask voice over artists to keep the conversation to a minimum, especially if others are speaking.

Build an ideal place to record

Voice over jobs requires an important decision on deciding where to record. This is arguably the most important step in avoiding any background noise while conducting the interviews. If you want to prevent any noise in your audio, you can choose an isolated room with carpets and soft furnishing as they absorb echoing. If you think you can't find a place like this, you can always cover the floor with a carpet or a rug or use curtains on the walls and windows to prevent background noises.

Create an Ideal Environment

While creating an ideal environment, try to avoid the areas where you can hear the traffic, the sound of the blowers, the heating on the cooling system or voices from another room. While these sounds may not seem loud to your ears, they can certainly create a negative impact on your recordings.  

Getting Rid of Static in Audio

Another factor while performing the voice over artist jobs is that if your audio has a lot of static, you should check your connections. For instance, you can always check your microphone line to see if they are properly secured or connected. It has been seen that the most common cause of static is that the Jack isn't always plugged in the right hole, which would definitely cause you a range of distortions.

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